Principles of Neuroengineering

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MIT Course Numbers: MAS.881 ~ 9.422 ~ 20.452
Instructor: E.S. Boyden
Units: H-level ~ 3-0-9 Units
Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30-5pm
Place: Room E15-235


Covers principles underlying current and future technologies for brain analysis and engineering, for neurology, psychiatry, and neuroscience. Focuses on using biophysical, biochemical, and anatomical models to understand technology design constraints governing ability to observe and alter brain function. Topics include functional magnetic resonance imaging, electromagnetic recording/stimulation, neuropharmacology, optical cellular imaging, and gene/stem-cell therapy. Design projects by student teams. Enrollment limited to 28 students.



Part I. The Primitives for Engineering the Brain

Thurs. 9/4, Overview. Introductions. Circuit elements of the nervous system. Neurons, glia, blood vessels. Channels, receptors, DNA, RNA.
Tues. 9/9, Macroscopic circuits, brain region connectivity and architecture, circuit dynamics.
Thurs. 9/18, Microscopic circuits, cell type connectivity, disease, gliocircuits.
Thurs. 9/25, Paper discussions - Circuit elements of the nervous system.

Part II. Technologies for Readout

Tues. 10/7, Macrocircuit readout.
Thurs. 10/9, Microcircuit readout.
Tues. 10/14, Midterm presentations. Paper discussions - Macrocircuit and microcircuit readout.

Part III. Technologies for Stimulation and Control

Tues. 10/21, Microcircuit stimulation. DBS, infrared optical stimulation, optical sensitizers such as channelrhodopsin-2/halorhodopsin.
Thurs. 10/23, Macrocircuit stimulation. TMS, electrode arrays.
Thurs. 11/6, Paper discussions - Microcircuit and macrocircuit stimulation.
Tues. 11/25, Gene therapy, stem cells, proteins and biologics, pharmacology, chemicals, nanoparticles.
Tues. 12/2, Paper discussions - Gene therapy, stem cells, and pharmacology.

Part IV. Final Presentations

Thurs. 12/4, first set of teams.
Tues. 12/9, last set of teams.