Neurotechnology Ventures

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MIT Course Numbers: 9.455 ~ 15.128 ~ 20.454 ~ MAS.883
Instructors: J. Bonsen ~ E.S. Boyden ~ R.G. Ellis-Behnke
Units: H-level ~ 2-0-7 Units
Time: Thursdays, 2-4pm
Place: E15-341


Special seminar focusing on envisioning, launching, and building start-ups that are commercializing innovations from neuroscience and neuroengineering. Topics include neuroimaging, diagnostics, motor rehabilitation, affective computing, novel scientific tools, and novel therapeutics including neuropharmaceuticals, neuromodulation, neuroprosthetics, regenerative medicine, and more. Each class is devoted to a specific topic area, often with invited speakers, exploring issues from the deeply technical through the market opportunity. Working in small groups students prepare a business plan executive summary for a new neurotechnology start-up.

Limited Enrollment

Please email two paragraphs summarizing your: (1) Professional Skills & Experience, and (2) Inventive/Entrepreneurial Aspirations.


Th 9/4 Overview of the state of neurotechnology.

Overview of the class, case studies and team projects.

How to succeed at the class.


Instructor 1-minute elevator pitches.

Th 9/11 How to innovate in a pre-paradigmatic field.

Case studies from history.

Ground-truth neurotechnology entrepreneurship.

Th 9/18 Clinical perspectives. The big needs in neurology, psychiatry, and neurosurgery. Other neurotechnology needs across the scope of medicine.

Homework #1 due: Interviews of 3 clinicians/neuroscientists and 3 engineers/solution providers, with ideas on architecting neurotechnologes.

Th 9/25 1-minute elevator pitches by class members.



Title: TBD

Th 10/9 GUEST SPEAKER: Christian Wentz

Title: Kendall Research Systems and Cerenova

Th 10/16 VC/Investor/Fundraising panel.

Panel members: Amir Nashat (Polaris), David Berry (Flagship), Jess Barber and AJ Meyer (Leaflabs)

Th 10/23 No class (MIT Sloan SIP Week)

Informal office hours: resources: legal, financial, fundraising, networking, the Boston community, the global neurotechnology community.

Th 10/30 Midterm presentations: the 6-slide presentations.

Other class members will serve as critics and provide peer-review commentary.

Th 11/6 GUEST SPEAKER: Kiran Reddy

Title: Sage Therapeutics

Homework #2 due: Peer review of the midterm presentations.

Th 11/13 GUEST SPEAKER: Ariel Garten

Title: InteraXon

Th 11/20 GUEST SPEAKER: Tim Wagner

Title: Highland Instruments

Th 12/4 Final presentations by each team.

Final 2-page executive summaries due today too.

Distinguished guest panel will be present to provide feedback.

Panel members: TBD